What people are saying

I love acreativespace. It’s turned my life around. BD UK

Thank you for the workshop on Saturday, it was a really lovely day. I came away feeling very inspired and connected (!) The workshop was perfectly balanced and you have a real gift for running workshop in a calm and fun way.

I feel I have had a real shift but also wonderfully grounded and I look forward to continuing to play more with archetypes in the future. RH UK

Feel fabulously energised and positive. NP UK

I was on a high when I left and I am still buzzing. BC US

Thank very much for Saturday’s session. It was an amazing experience and I have been using the techniques already. AS UK

I would very much like to continue with the Programme. I have found it to be very helpful this past year. Things have been going much more smoothly, synching so to speak. Business has been great. CS US

My daughter has been so happy and thriving at every level. SB UK

Though very much still recognisably J there is, if you like, another dimension to him and a never before manifested stillness and calm. KF UK

Something in the Programme is working! My fears have just about disappeared. I feel so much bigger than my problems…..the first time I can remember that happening. VM UK