Transforming Your Inheritance

Transforming Your Inheritance Audio Course $20

Who’s in Charge of your Money?

Most of us inherit our beliefs about money from our parents and many of these subconsciously before the age of 6.  If we never consciously examine these beliefs we can, in effect, spend our whole lives with a 6 year old in charge of our finances!

Transforming your Inheritance is a 40 minute audio course that takes you through exercises to first identify your family money story and then to create your own new family money legacy.

When I first started to explore my relationship with money a couple of years ago these exercises had a profound effect on me. I realised that my family money story was that making money was hard work and as a result, I was surrounded by people who had money but worked extremely hard for it. What’s your family money story?  Are you ready to change it and retire the 6 year old?

Remember, how you do money is how you do everything.

with love