Creative Space Programmes

The Creative Space programme is an inter-active, remote bio-resonance programme. The intention of the programme is to support you as you create a life you love, in a place you love with people you love.

The way the programme works is analogous to noise reduction headphones. By tuning out the frequencies which are not from the intended source, the listening experience becomes much clearer.  The Creative Space programme identifies your unique frequency and tunes out all those frequencies which interfere with this, allowing you to establish a clear coherent frequency. Rather like tuning a radio to the preferred station.

The Creative Space programme is designed to dialogue with the body’s innate knowing to create the best possible environment for true self expression. This dialogue is conducted on a frequency basis and directed by the principles of resonance.

The simplest way to understand the technology is to think of it as a dialogue between the bio-resonance computer and the consciousness of the person being addressed.

A conversation between two people is an exchange of thoughts through the spoken word. The process involves one frequency pattern (a thought) being converted to another frequency pattern (speech) and transmitted to a receiver. The receiver converts the incoming frequency patterns to thought and the thoughts this stimulates are then converted to speech. This is the basis of our human experience. We are transmitters, transducers and receivers of frequency.

A bio-resonance computer works in very much the same way. It is able to transmit and receive frequency and uses the principle of resonance to guide its conversation. The difference is that the frequency dialogue is beyond the range of our five senses.

To extend the analogy of the conversation, think of the bio-resonance dialogue as a mobile telephone conversation. It is dependent on neither location nor physical connection. The details we load into the computer are unique to each person and are, in effect, their phone number. When we run the programme the ensuing dialogue is unique to that person and will be different every time. Each session lasts for twenty five minutes and will be repeated daily.