Stability in an Unstable World

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society” Jiddu Krishnamurti

Whether or not you believe our society is profoundly sick, I am sure you will agree that it is displaying more than a little instability. These are times of profound change and the resulting turbulence can be disorienting, even disconcerting. It is important in these times that your feelings are yours, your thoughts are yours and ultimately your choices are yours.

The series will consist of five calls in which Bill will share his perspective on why it is more important than ever to be a master of your energy, and in such a way that your peace of mind and well being is not dependent upon societal conditions.

Call 1 – Sets the context. What, why, when and how is the world changing?

That the world is changing is an obvious statement. It always has and always will. This particular moment in time brings with it the probability of great societal change, which to those who have lost touch with their sovereignty may feel very unsettling.

The nature of evolution is seldom the smooth path of transition over huge periods of time described by lazy Darwinists. In fact it is more characterised by quantum leaps, prompted by sudden changes, traditionally environmental but increasingly technological.

We are currently living in exponential times where the acceleration of so many components of our current society are suggesting that we may be in one of those quantum leap moments.This first call will look at different aspects of that exponent and what it may mean to us in terms of society, economy, and how it will impact us at an individual level.

Call 2 – Emotional stability. Distinguishing between emotion and feeling.

Ultimately, what we all desire is a feeling. We chase goals and circumstances which we believe will result in that feeling, but in that pursuit often move ourselves ever further from the source of that feeling. In our attempt to control our environment to create the feeling we have learned to use a powerful tool. That tool is emotion.

This call investigates the difference between emotion and feeling, and the authenticity, or otherwise of both. Distinguishing the difference between feeling and emotion is a key element in delivering the stability which will be so powerful in an increasingly unstable world.

Call 3 – Inspiration. Why original thought is so important.

Just as the difference between emotion and feeling is key to accessing our authentic and natural state of well being, so is the ability to distinguish our own thoughts from those of the collective. Once you can move to a level of thought above the recycled and limiting patterns floating around in the collective, you will access information which is likely to be in resonance with the emerging reality. This thought is often considered inspired and will allow you to be an active participant in the evolutionary leap as opposed to a bemused onlooker!

Call 4 – The Big Picture. To what do we collectively aspire?

Stability in these times will allow us to co-create the emerging reality rather than be a victim of it. Those choosing to hold on to outdated structures and belief patterns will struggle to acclimatise. Those in touch with their feelings and original thought will contribute to the evolution. How brave, outrageous, imaginative can we be when we look into the re-organisation of society? To what do we collectively aspire?

Call 5 – Discussion and Q and A? What do you think?

Although I hope to engage with everyone through the course of these calls, the final call will be for everyone to share their ideas, question mine and hopefully have some fun!

Stability in an Unstable World.

Call Number One:  A Changing World

Call Number Two :  Emotional Stability

Call Number Three : Inspiration

Call Number Four : The Big Picture

Call Number Five : Presence