1. What does the Programme involve?

The Creative Space Programme is delivered entirely remotely. We help many clients around the world we have never met. To participate in the Programme we simply need a name, a date of birth and address.  We input your details to the bio-resonance computer which will run a session for 25 minutes every day. Each session is unique to you and will be different every day.

2. Do I need an appointment to join the Programme?

It is not necessary to have a formal appointment to join the Programme. Most people come to us through recommendation or after an informal chat over the phone or via Skype. If this interests you contact us.

3. What is bio-resonance?

Bio-resonance is a technology which provides an interface between an individual’s bio-field and a computer system. This interface allows an exchange of energetic information assisting the body in it’s innate drive towards balance and optimum performance. This technology is commonly used on the continent and is now in the armoury of most professional sports teams.

4. How can it work remotely?

The information exchange with our system is based on frequency and resonance. The easiest analogy, although not the same technology, is a mobile phone network.

5. Is the Programme diagnostic?

The Programme is a non-diagnostic tool. It is not designed to address symptoms specifically and will always be guided by the individual’s innate knowing of their requirements. A great strength of this process is that it is not an imposition of somebody else’s opinion of what is best for you. The bio-resonance Programme is purely objective and will only respond to your system’s guidance.

5. What changes should I expect on the Programme?

Everyone is unique with different needs and expectations. Whatever your issue we believe that the best resolution is to be the fullest expression of yourself. The Programme is developmental in nature and looks to remove blocks to that expression.

Change will often be subtle and perhaps more noticeable to those around you, but the most common experience is a reduction in stress. There is also likely to be a greater awareness of patterns of behaviour which had previously been unconscious. As your frequency becomes more coherent you will find people and opportunities which support your full expression start to appear in your landscape. In addition many stress related conditions may also clear.

Children on the Programme often demonstrate academic improvement but we see this as a beneficial side effect of stress reduction.

6. Do I have to do anything else whilst on the Programme?

The Programme is designed to gently and unobtrusively support the growth and development of participants without their conscious participation. However, we find that people often benefit from occasional updates and support. As things progress the perceived challenges often change, especially with children, and many find ongoing support and guidance particularly valuable.

7. How long does it take?

The length of time someone uses the Programme depends largely on their expectations and their situation when engaging with the Programme. Our experience is that when people have met their initial expectations their awareness is such that their priorities and goals have altered and they often choose to continue the process.

Most people stay on the Programme for at least a year, however, it is not our intention to build a dependency and the aim of the Programme is to help you establish a clear and coherent frequency which is strong enough to set up a virtuous cycle in your experience.

8. What does it cost?

The standard price for the Programme is £100 per month.