Self Conscious or Self Aware?

John Travolta or Patrick Swayze?   I am a fantastic dancer.   OK, I am a fantastic dancer under the following circumstances:   1) I am alone or 2) I have a had a few beers or 3) err....that's it I guess.   The truth is I am rhythmically challenged. I suffer from that condition common to so many middle aged men...Dad Dancing.   Dad Dancing is a condition which occurs in social situations consisting of family and friends, music and an obligation to join in the "fun". Men instinctively … [Read more...]

Sacred Space

I am reading a wonderful book at the moment called Spark. It's the story of Jake Barnett. Jake has an IQ higher than Einstein and at nine developed a theory in astrophysics that could earn a Nobel Prize. The book is written by his equally extraordinary Mum, Kristine. Jake was written-off by the system at the age of three. He was diagnosed with autism and Kristine was told that he would never read. She decided, against the advice of the experts to pull him out of pre-school and follow his … [Read more...]

Stability in an Unstable world

The world is changing. There is nothing new in that. What appears to be different is the pace of change. Wherever you choose to look there are examples of accelerating change. We see it most obviously, in technology and information, while others focus on the environment and the unprecedented pace and spread of earth changes. Many have been exposed to humanity's changing nature through a generation of children who are either on an evolutionary fast track or have popped in from somewhere … [Read more...]

Is my child an alien?

 The problems we face on planet earth cannot be solved without a shift in consciousness. If we can't realise that shift, don't worry our kids will. How do I know this? Well, communicating with the new kids requires the same purity of intention as communication with ETI (extra-terrestrial intelligence). Hence the title, is my child an alien? For those of you still with me I will try to connect those dots and probably reveal aspects of my thinking which will leave some of you concerned for my … [Read more...]

What is aCREATIVEspace?

What is acreativespace? I had a very humbling experience on Thursday night when I was interviewed by Sandie Sedgbeer on the Awakening Zone. The past ten years of my life have been absorbed in the world of frequency and the past three in the construction of the consciousness which we know as acreativespace. Given the opportunity to talk about it for an hour and a half to an educated audience with a knowledgable and enthusiastic host would seem to be a dream come true. I came out of … [Read more...]

The kids are telling us to do what you love! Here’s why…

Autistic business? Autism is a condition that mystifies and terrifies in equal measure. From the viewpoint of a society that demands conformity and ‘productive’ individuals who will become the compliant consumers at the effect of  the subtle, and often not so subtle, influences of  big business and government, those diagnosed on the autistic spectrum are dysfunctional. A more enlightened view is that this population represents a glimpse of evolution in progress. Highly sensitive, these … [Read more...]

Sparkle Land

Over the summer I mentioned to my Mum that I felt I needed a "makeover". "Great idea," she said rather too quickly. "When are you going to do it?" I made some excuse about not knowing where to go etc. and moved the conversation on. My Mum is however, made of tougher stuff. So, to cut a long story short, last week-end I found myself sitting in a private changing room while a personal stylist found me clothes to try on! It was a life changing experience. After advising me on the colours that … [Read more...]


One of the common observations of the current evolution of consciousness is the feeling of isolation, dislocation and at times ridicule which it creates. It can be very tempting to obscure your passion and court approval from a world infected with narcolespsy. In fact one of my greatest stresses has been the need to explain myself. But to what extent is that an abdication of responsibility? An emerging truth to me is that it is becoming too painful to deny my expression. The need for approval … [Read more...]

Bill’s Blog…Do you want to bet?

If I were to toss a coin on the understanding that if it landed on tails you would give me £10 how much would you need to receive in order to join in the game? The logical answer is any number greater than £10, £10 and five pence for example. The actual answer is most people require a significantly higher reward than potential loss to engage. Nearer £20 in fact. In economics this is known as Prospect Theory and identifying it was enough to win Daniel Kahneman a Nobel Prize in Economics. … [Read more...]

Gen Y…… Pain in the neck or inspiring teachers?

I’ve been reading more and more about Gen Y or the Millenials as they are also known. This is the generation born between the early 1980s and 2000 also known as the “Me Me Me Generation” because according to the front cover of Time Magazine earlier this year, they are “lazy, entitled narcissists who still live with their parents.” Gen Y is giving big business a bit of a headache. A couple of years ago I heard Richard Hytner, Deputy Chairman of Saatchi & Saatchi describing the problems being … [Read more...]