At aCREATIVEspace we believe that if any one of us is less than our full expression then we are all diminished.

Our intention is to create a space which allows each of us to be our full expression.

Everything you have tried has got you to where you are now.

Time to try something different.


We use a combination of bio-resonance technology and radical thinking to help you move from a world of limitation into the field of possibility.

We help children, parents and individuals see their world differently and empower them to attract amazing opportunities and experiences.


If your child is experiencing difficulty at school, socially or developmentally or if you are stressed as a parent and challenged by parenting then contact us to learn more about how to parent with grace and ease.


If you are struggling to make sense of life and seem to have lost your sense of self then contact us to explore a new way to look at life.

Business and projects

The key to success in a rapidly changing economic and social environment is to develop a clear coherent frequency. Brand Energetics employs the latest in Consciousness Technology and the new paradigm of Resonance Marketing to build the attractor frequency uniquely suited to you or your business.


Add a unique element to your work as a coach or therapist. Many coaches use our bio-resonance programme behind their coaching work to support the development and secure the advances made by their clients.